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Pharmaceutical Liability Lawyer in Lubbock

What is pharmaceutical liability?

Pharmaceutical companies are a multi-billion dollar industry. When corners are cut and testing is faulty or incorrectly reported, innocent people can get severely hurt. Many would argue that the FDA does not do enough to keep dangerous drugs off the market. We have all seen a new "miracle" drug reach the market only to be recalled soon after for causing serious and devastating injuries to those that have been prescribed the medication. A Lubbock personal injury lawyer should be contacted immediately if you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous pharmaceutical drug.

Our attorney has helped countless clients to recover the compensation they were due in legal matters of personal injury. We effectively utilize our skill and experience in order to protect our client's rights. We keep our clients informed on all matters pertaining to their case. We are not afraid to go up against large pharmaceutical companies in order to obtain the desired outcome and have done so many times successfully.

Pharmaceutical Liability Lawyer in Lubbock, TX

The pharmaceutical industry often rushes a drug to the market in order to generate a profit and to recover some of the expenses of development. This highly competitive field has turned into the largest industry in the USA, and there are medications for conditions that were unheard of in the past. Pharmaceutical companies retain high profile legal firms that work closely with them in order to protect them from harm when a claim is made.

The goal of the insurance company is to pay you as little of your compensation as possible, and to try to avoid class action suits against them. This is precisely why effective and aggressive representation is needed immediately. Sam Webb is an accomplished attorney and has helped many injured individuals to get the compensation they deserve after being the victim of a dangerous pharmaceutical drug. Our attorney provides injured victims with the support and representation they need to effectively stand up to large drug companies. In cases of loss of life, a wrongful death claim can be filed on behalf of the close family. We believe that every individual that has been injured by a dangerous drug should be able hold drug companies responsible for their actions and we have the skill and experience to take your case to a jury if they fail to meet our demands.

If you have been injured by a dangerous drug, don't hesitate to get legal counsel. Speak with an attorney from Wolfe Law for free by calling 877-480-8066 or completing our free online consultation.

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